Friday, June 26, 2015


I never imagined I would be lying in a hammock on a beach in Taiwan while my child played with his cousins just a few steps away.  We are so blessed that we are living this adventure and get to share little pieces of it with those we love.

When John told me he wanted to take a job in Taiwan I honestly wasn't sure I could do it.  I wasn't sure I could pack up The Tiny American and move to the other side of the world.  I wasn't sure I could leave behind the big boys even though they were mostly grown.  I wasn't sure I could adapt and I wasn't sure it would ever feel like home.  Because I love him and I trust him here we are. And it DOES feel like home because we are here together.

I can share my experiences via blog and social media.  We facetime with our families but being able to show them in person where we live is so amazing.  I can't describe how it smells when I walk down a certain street or what it sounds like to be standing at the light to cross our road during 5:30 traffic on Sunday afternoon.  I can not adequately describe how tired jet lag makes you, you have to experience that firsthand! I love seeing their faces when they see something that I have talked about for the first time.  I enjoy seeing and hearing their perspective on things that I see everyday. I enjoy introducing them to our favorite restaurants and some of our favorite local foods.

We have been very lucky in the short time we have been here we have had lots of visitors.  My mom visited for a few weeks in April and my sister and her kids returned with us from the states.  Last week for a few days our apartment was busting at the seams when John's sister and 2 daughters were here.  We LOVE it!

I hope while we are here we are able to host many more friends and family and introduce them to this country that we are learning to love.