Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Beach time....Thailand Part 3

Zane loves the sand, has from the very first time his toes were in it.  He loves to dig and bury and sift. The beach at our resort was beautiful, but zero shade so our time at the beach was limited to early morning and late afternoon.  We reserved the middle of the day for the pool and hot tub time....and of course we squeezed a nap in most days.

The sunsets were beautiful while we were in Phucket.  The weather was really nice so we had lots of opportunity to sit on beach.  I can sit for hours and just listen to the surf.  Tiny and I make a good pair, he can sit and dig and I can sit and listen, it works!


Monday, February 22, 2016

This Week in Photos

*Venus gets photo credit for the last 2.


Friday, February 19, 2016

Siam Elephant Trekking/ Thailand Part 2

The one thing I knew we wanted to experience while we were in Thailand was riding the Elephants. We started talking it up to Z weeks before we even left to go.  I wanted him to be thinking about it and  hopefully not be afraid once we got there to actually do it. He talked about it and kept telling people we were going to do it. A few days before we went he started adding to his story that "it's not scary" which made me worry that the was getting nervous, but it went great! He was excited from the first moment we saw an elephant.

The resort made arrangements with  Siam Elephant Trekking for out adventure.  It was about a 2 hour trip there and a 2 hour trip back, but SO worth it. They offer several programs some of which include meals and a much longer day.  We opted for a 40 minute ride which was plenty for Z.

When we arrived at the camp we were immediately taken care of and led with all the other guests that were participating in the same program up to their elephant education area.  They had a young elephant and her handler there and the guide shared information about the elephants, how they are taken care of and about Asian elephants in general.  This particular camp is known for the fact that it is actually a preserve for elephants, their elephants are fat, healthy and well taken care of and clearly loved by their handlers and other staff.

After the guide was finished she invited anyone who wanted to purchase a small fruit basket to feed the elephant to do so.  Z was very eager to do this.  He was a little apprehensive the first time the elephant reached her trunk out, but it didn't last long.

Our actual ride was through the jungle.  Lots of beautiful views.  We got to see rubber tress up close, it was really interesting to feel what the "Rubber" is like straight from the tree and then seconds later.  Zane's favorite part was of course when our elephant pooped...boys!

We had the opportunity to feed the elephant we rode after we returned to the loading area.  And this time he got to feed her pineapples and corn along with her bananas.  He was surprised that she didn't eat peanuts.

It was an awesome adventure!