Sunday, January 04, 2015


When J left for Taiwan on October 25 we knew it was a possibility we would be moving there.  We had been talking about it for several weeks.  When he called me a few days later this is how the conversation went....

Him:  You need to get your passport in order.
Me: Ok. When do they want us there?
Him:  They would like us to be here the beginning of January.
Me: Wait.  What???? Do you realize thats in 2 months. We have Thanksgiving and Christmas between now and then.  What?

J and I made a trip over to let me see exactly what I was signing up for.  It went pretty that I mean I only had one major meltdown and announced that I wasn't sure I could do it.  In my defense I was VERY tired and the sidewalk was not stroller friendly and WHY do they park on the sidewalk??? Anyway, I got a nap, found a more stroller friendly path  and accepted the fact that they are going to park on the sidewalk.  

While we were searching for an apartment some interesting things were revealed.  The first thing that I noticed was the kitchen, the tiny ovens.  Some didn't have any oven.  They just cook differently than we do. I'll learn to use the steamer. And then there is the washer/dryer situation, it's all one unit.  That will take some figuring out. We found a really nice apartment in a very nice building, close to shopping, a grocery store and a beautiful park.  Since I won't be driving, having everything within walking distance was a priority.

I am very nervous about the communication issue.  I was assured there were a lot of people living in Taiwan that speak english, I only saw a handful and most of those were at the hotel we stayed at.  I can confidently ask for ice water in Mandarin but that is about it!  At least I won't be thirsty, but I'll miss my diet Dr. Pepper.  

It will be an adventure.  A fantastic experience.  We are nervous and excited and ready to start our adventure. We want to share our journey  with you through our blog so stay tuned!


  1. Our prayers are with you and your family as you begin this new chapter in your lives. We will miss you! Let us know if you need anything :)

  2. You will do great. Sending prayers for peace of mind as you start this new adventure!

  3. Thanks girls! We are very excited.