Monday, September 07, 2015

Funny Things we see....

I have contemplated getting a dog.  I know it wouldn't be practical. Living in an apartment with a toddler and needing to take a dog out to go potty and for walks just doesn't sound fun to me. I love the companionship of a dog and miss ours very much. Every weekend when the shelters are trying to adopt dogs out at every corner, John steers me the other direction and reminds me of what a bad idea it would be.  So for now I give a donation when we walk by and try not to look at the sad faces in the cages.  But last night when we went down the alley behind our apartment to get some dumplings at our favorite shop we saw a lady walking her pigs, and when I say pigs I don't mean some cute little potbelly pigs , these were full size pigs on leashes.  It made me giggle.  I wonder how property management would feel about us having pet pigs??


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