Wednesday, April 01, 2015

We went walking....

We went walking, what did we see?

Of course the Tiny constant companion!

The dumpling makers at one of our favorite places in our neighborhood.

We walk past these 2 signs almost everyday...they are at the pineapple cake store.  One is the entrance and one is the exit sign for the drive thru.  Z loves them!  Even when we are on the bus and pass by he yells at them.

This Dragon is on the temple in one of our favorite parks.

A little hidden garden in our courtyard is one of the Tiny Americans favorite places to go.  He especially loves it at night when the lights are on.

Almost every playground has a least one of these ride on animals. They are on a giant spring and I doubt they would pass any sort of playground safety standards in the U.S.  Z of course loves them.  They are mouth smashers...he uses his whole body to make it move and smacks his face on the head every time and keeps going back for more!

Thanks for walking with us this week!Three Kids and A Fish


  1. ZANE is one lucky guy! Wish I had a dumpling stand in my neighborhood.

  2. Oh I love that capture of the Tiny American walking with the lights! It looks like a postcard!