Friday, April 24, 2015

What's the story?

It was a beautiful day at a beautiful old temple in Lukang, Taiwan.  We had been strolling the streets and poking through the shops when we found the sweetest little suit for the Tiny American. My mom was with us and she thought we should wait to put it on him until later because he was a little tired and ready for a nap, but Venus and I decided that we wanted his pictures at the temple.  

We dressed him in his new little suit and he was SO happy.  We got some really cute shots of him.  There was a little fish pond in the courtyard and I lifted him up to look at the fish. When he is looking through the slats of something he always presses his little face right up to the gap, he was doing that now while he looked at the fish. 

And then....his head went through the gap.  I thought, no big deal, it went in it will come back out.  It wouldn't !  I freaked out.  I tried to pull his head back through, no luck.  I tried to pull the bars apart, no luck.  I yelled for my mom to help me.  A crowd was gathering....the Tiny American was screaming, I was sweating.  My mom was calm.  She twisted his little body sideways and slid him through the gap and i lifted him back over the top. Whew!!  It was a beautiful day at an old temple in Lukang, Taiwan when I realized you are never too old to need your mommy!

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