Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Venus....Grateful Heart

Where do I begin...this girl is such a blessing to us.  Living in a foreign country, thousands of miles from everyone you know and love is tough.  It would be tough if we only had ourselves to consider, but we have the Tiny American to think about as well.  When we first moved here the company kept telling us we needed to find a nanny so that we had someone to help with Z. I thought this was silly, I was a SAHM back in Texas and did just fine.  And then the reality of our life kind of set in, I would need some help.

When we first arrived we had someone who worked in John's office with him that also worked as our driver and translator.  I really liked him and what's more Zane liked him.  He wasn't babysitter material but he helped with so many other things, namely getting me places that I couldn't walk to and helping me communicate with locals.  He was a great help.  When Eric would come to the apartment or had to take us somewhere Z got so excited.  I told Eric I needed a nanny that would get the same reaction from Z.  He knew someone.  He planned an introduction and immediately we knew she was perfect for us.  Z crawled in her lap within the first 5 minutes of her being in our apartment.

Venus started coming twice a week just to hang out with Z and give me a chance to do a few things without his help. Shortly after she started Eric quit leaving me feeling very lost.  In our current life routine and familiarity, even more than normal, is so important to me.  John and I talked about our options and really only one seemed good to me.  We asked Venus if she would be interested in working a little more for us.  I feel really silly saying that I have a personal assistant, I am a SAHM, but that is really what she is.  She helps me make appointments, answers questions when I am not sure of things, she drives me where I need to go.  She still comes over to play with Z twice a week, she babysits at night if we have a dinner that we need to go to.  Honestly she takes care of all of us.

In the last month or so we have had family visiting and they have all fallen in love with Venus. We consider her part of our family.  She fits right in!  She is learning the meaning of sarcasm and able to give it as well as take it from the leader of our pack. When my nephew fell in love with dumplings while he was here, Venus is the one who taught him how to make them so he could have them at home. It was my niece and nephew that introduced her to brownies which she now loves and wants to learn how to bake.

I would be lost without her.  I don't say that lightly, she really was a gift. I am so grateful to Eric for his brief stop in our life because without that we would have never found her.  We are blessed by her sweet, funny, kind spirit. I am grateful for the love she shows the Tiny American. I am blessed to call her my friend. She will forever be a part of us....whether she likes it or not!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey
Our Three Peas

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