Friday, August 21, 2015

What My Day Sounds Like

As he approaches two The Tiny American is very busy., very opinionated (shocker I know), and talks ALOT (big surprise right?).  He starts talking the moment he wakes up.  We hear him over the monitor talking to his "friends" in his bed or calling out for me.  He sleeps well so most often wakes up in a good mood and ready to take on the world!  I have to be very careful about what  I promise him when I am putting him to bed at night because he remembers it and that will be the very first request out of his mouth when I walk into his room.  For example last night when I was putting him to bed he said he wanted to do his marks (use his markers).  I told him we would in the morning....bedside this morning, "momma do marks?" Ummm...yes but could i get dressed first?

Here are just a few of the soundbites from a normal day with The Tiny American.  I will only type each one once, but when you read it if you want to fully feel like you are with us you should probably read each one at least  five times with increasing volume and intensity!

  • Watch Mickey?
  • Pancakes?
  • No like pancakes!
  • Goldfish?
  • M&M's?
  • Momma Playroom?
  • Momma Playroom?
  • Momma Playroom?
  • Feed ducks?
  • See turtles?
  • What's that!?
  • Horn?
  • Hulk Smash?
  • 'Merica shield on!
  • Thor's hammer? (which i still can't find)
  • I hungry!
  • No like peanut butter!
  • Want fangos ( that's mangoes for the rest of us)
  • No like fangos!
  • Need Fork!!
  • Chips please!
  • I hold it!
  • M&M's!
  • I pooped!
  • Penis. ( oh little boys)
  • Elevator?
  • Charge of the key!!!( He wants to operate the electronic key for the elevator and the door)
  • I walk!
  • Momma carry?
  • No like nap!
  • Momma Playroom?
  • Momma Playroom?
  • Momma Playroom?
  • Taxi?
  • Ride taxi?
  • Bus?
  • Ride bus?
  • What's that?
  • Why?
  • Who's that?
  • Daddy Playroom?
  • Daddy Playroom?
  • Daddy Playroom?
  • I no like that!
  • No jammies!
  • Watch Mickey?
  • I Lub you momma....And that's what makes all the rest ok!

The List


  1. Those three words make it all worth while! Your day sounds completely full on!

  2. Haha! What a little chatterbox you have there! But those 3 words? Total bliss!

  3. Oh my word he's adorable! Ha ha my toddler has a similar list although not 'penis' yet, being a little girl ha ha!! Mim x #thelist

  4. Ah how lovely! So wonderful to jot down his words and phrases and post them on here, because we forget them so much - the little things they say that make us laugh - as they grow up. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList! x