Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Expats at Home

We were in the States for almost 2 months.  Our planned trip was extended on either end causing us to spend almost a month more stateside than we had originally planned.  It was a great trip!  We have seen so many family and friends and the Tiny American and I played a lot....John got to play some too, but had to work a lot of the time we were home and travel as well.

I love being there and seeing everyone.  I love the time we get to spend with our older boys and not have to rely on FaceTime to see their smiling faces.  I like being in the same time zone as my sister.   On more than one occasion I found myself calculating the time difference before I made a call!

We are lucky as far as expats go, in that we have a home to go home to when we are there.  We don't have to stay in a hotel, although we do our share while we are there.  The Tiny American has his own bed in his own room and he has his own toys and lots of room to run and play.  I can't imagine if we relied entirely on other people for a place to stay or worse stayed in a hotel the entire time.

I was  ready to be back in Taiwan.  Last  year when I left to move here I never imagined that after a visit I would be eager to get back...but I was.  It is home, at least for now.  I miss our routine, the structure.  I miss our friends.  The expat life is a crazy one.  People come and go.  While we were gone 2 families that are part of a playgroup that the Tiny American and I participate in have moved.  Time is different for Expats, relationships develop faster and circumstances change more quickly.

I love this adventure we are on.  Some days are hard, but we have hard days no matter where we live, the challenges are just different here. This is not a life that I would have ever imagined for myself, but I am so glad it is the path we are on.  Do I want to live here forever? No, but I am going to enjoy it fully while I have the opportunity!

I will leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from our visit to the States.

My Heart

Riding Uncle David's Tractor

A houseful for Thanksgiving

My oldest Baby turned 21!

A meeting of the bothers

Duck Hunting in the early morning

The Pecan Tree


Working Hard

Denver Aquarium

Finally on our way home


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