Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Make a Difference not a Statement

The Tiny American and I visit our neighborhood Starbucks almost daily.  For me it is familiar, consistent (for Taiwan) and has just become part of our day.  A few weeks ago when my Facebook feed starting blowing up with Pumpkin Spice posts I noticed that our Starbucks had no sign of anything Pumpkin Spice related. No pumpkin spice latte, no pumpkin spice frappuccino and much to my dismay no pumpkin bread. I don't care for the pumpkin drinks, but oh how I love their pumpkin bread and pumpkin scones! BUT I do remember thinking that this would be cause to boycott in most U.S. suburban neighborhoods.  Soccer Moms do like their pumpkin spice! I do not believe that the alternative, purple sweet potato infused drinks, would be a big hit!

I will not even pretend I understand what people are up in arms about in regards to Starbucks choice of cup design, or non design, for the Christmas season.  I would understand if people wanted to boycott based on something that the owner had said or done, that at least makes sense to me....but the choice to go Red instead of iconic seasonal symbols does not make sense, but to each their own.  Taking a snowman off the cup does not represent a "war on Christmas" or an anti christian sentiment to me.

My last thought on the subject is this....if people want to get upset and boycott Starbucks over the lack of design on their cup and have the time and energy to create a whole social media campaign against it, make it count.  Take the money that you would have spent at Starbucks for the Months of November and December and donate it to charity, make this your campaign.  Post on your wall the charity that you are supporting and encourage your friends and family to make a difference. Having your barista add your name as Merry Christmas is going to have no impact on what the Starbucks cup looks like next year, nor does it really matter in the long run, does it? There are lots of families who will go without this holiday season and who the last thing on their mind is what Starbucks is doing or not doing, these families could benefit from your outrage.  I would hope that as christians we are doing what we can for others anyway, but I urge you to make a difference instead of joining the masses and making a statement.


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