Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Day In the Life...

I am taking an online photography class that is focused on The Documentary Approach to taking photographs.  We were challenged this week to take a mobile picture every hour over the course of the day to try and capture our day. This is in preparation for our final assignment this week which is to document an entire day (DITL).  I will be doing that assignment on Sunday and will share it here.  I am excited and a little nervous about completing it.

So here is my mobile day in the life.

7:03 Breakfast
8:22 Whistling while he workes.
9:01 Clean up.
10:10 Heading out the door for errands.
10:45 Waiting.
 11:29 Going Down.
11:40 going home.
12:09 Lunch
1:33 Screen time.
2:00 Laundry
4:02 Tea Time

5:19 Dinner Prep
5:37 Daddy cooking dinner

6:00 Dinner

7:05 bedtime


1 comment:

  1. Really great pics! Good on you. I can relate to most of your day too!! ;) Nicole x