Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Do you really need a reason for cake?  Seriously do you??? When I was out today this sweet cake called my name, well it really called Zane's name, but he wasn't with me and so I got it for him.   And on the walk home I was trying to justify this little cake.  Here is what I came up with....

It had strawberries AND oranges in the filling so surely it was healthy. (sort of)

He IS a Wolf and his job is to torment little pigs, so this cake had to have been made with him in mind!

It has been a long week all ready and it is only Tuesday....Daddy has been gone before breakfast and home after bed for the last 3 days.

The Tiny American has the chicken Pox.  

But in all honesty the reason I bought him the cake was because I knew he would love it....

Hello Little Piggy.

So you built your house out of cookies???

Well I will huff and puff and bury you in the cake....

Don't try and escape, I am too fierce! I will crush you....

He did get in his high chair and he ate some of the cake. Mostly he ate the frosting and he picked the fruit out and threw it on the floor, so I guess any chance of it being healthy went in the garbage.  But he totally loved it and that is justification enough for me!


  1. I think you both needed the cake...and that's plenty of reason. I don't think you probably got much to eat of it...but seeing him enjoy it was enough. :-)

  2. AWW that cake is adorable and so is your Tiny American!! Love it