Saturday, March 21, 2015

English Menu

Eating out is a challenge.  Not because we don't like Chinese food, but because we can't always order at a restaurant if we go alone.  Slowly we are adding new places to our list that either have English menus or picture menus.  We do a lot of hand gestures and pointing to finally get a meal in front of us.  This week we found 2 new places, very close to home that have exactly what we like to eat and both had English on their menu, SCORE!!  

John's boss was in town and he actually has an apartment in the same building as us.  He is Taiwanese and doesn't totally understand my reluctance with some of the food.  For me it is mostly a texture issue, plus I don't eat feet, internal organs, things with the head and especially eyes still intact, or anything still moving.  What's not to understand? Anyway...he called Saturday afternoon and said he had found the perfect place for us, close to the building, and our kind of food AND English. He invited us to dinner for that night.  

I know it looks like a lot of food...and it was.  But it was a small table and there were 4 adults. WE didn't eat it all, but it was SO good! 
It was fantastic!  John is easy, but he liked it.  I liked it and amazingly enough Zane loved it!  It was dumplings and potstickers and noodles....perfect for us.  They had a variety of flavor combinations.  I think our favorites were the Thai spiced dumplings.  Zane loved the pork and veggie potstickers and the noodles.  We will definitely become regular customers there!

I wish i could have gotten a shot of him eating the was very funny!

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  1. Sounds PERFECT to me! All of the things we love, too.