Thursday, March 12, 2015

What did we see....

One of our favorite books is, I Went Walking.  Each page says I went walking what did I see....and then the author shares what the child saw.  Sometimes at the end of the day this is what I think I sound like to John. Zane and I walk a lot, everyday.  By a lot I mean about 7 miles a day on average.  We walk the same path a lot, but somedays we just wander aground and see what we see. It is not unusual for a week to pass without us getting in the car.   We often stumble across new and fun things that we would otherwise not see.  I think once a week I will just share random pictures from our walks. Here we go....

We went walking what did we see.....

Performers getting ready for a parade.  The first day of Lantern Festival Parade.  We didn't see the parade we had other plans that day, but we enjoyed watching them get ready to start.

In front of the department store this week Chinese New Year decorations have been replaced with sculptures in honor of the Year of the Goat.

This one was my favorite, it reminded me of home.

We saw Cherry blossoms...they are everywhere and they are beautiful!

And of course there is my walking partner and our favorite stop, the park.

Check back next week and we will let you know what we saw when we went walking!

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