Friday, May 01, 2015

We went walking....

It has been awhile since I shared a walking post.  We have been super busy with a visit from my mom and then trying to recover from that visit.  It has gotten VERY warm in Taiwan over the last few weeks.  The temperature isn't all that high, upper 80's mostly, but the humidity is crazy.  If you are in the shade it isn't bad at all, add a breeze and it's almost pleasant but in the sun it is awful!  We try and get around and out the door early for a little while and then usually try and go out again just as the sun is going down.  We are settling into a nice new routine....just in time for our visit to the States. 

So here are some glimpses of what we have seen the last few weeks while we were walking. We actually saw these bright sculptures when we were in the airport waiting on my mom to arrive.

Windmills and Fishing boats on the coast near John's office.

Koi at the aboriginal village....Zane loved feeding them.

I love this shot of Z and his daddy watching the fish.

My little farmer.

This is kind of a creepy shot from the aboriginal village, in an actual village they would have put the heads of their conquests on display.

And Z and my mom.


  1. Now there's a walk worth taking.

  2. Hi, I nominated you and your blog for a Liebster Blog Award! Hope you accept the award and join in on the fun!