Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I do not really know where he learned to love puddles.  It's like it is just one of those "files" that little boys are born with. This was the first time he had really been around muddy puddles and knew exactly what to do.  Stomp, Splash and not worry about the mud. What a lucky little boy to have the perfect place to explore and enjoy, even  on a rainy day.

See a puddle.  Change your course and walk right through it.

Stomp your feet and move as much water as you can.

Throw sticks and rocks into the puddle, or fish them out with your bare hands!

Be sure and splash that guy who is looking up at your from the puddle!

Try not to get stuck in the mud.

Live on the edge....

Enjoy every minute!


  1. Jumping in puddles is so much fun and your little one certainly seems to be enjoying himself. Love his wellies too! :-)

  2. Thanks! We call them the Magic Boots...they make him happy when he is not.