Monday, May 04, 2015


The night before we left to move to Taiwan
In a few days we will head to the States.  Just 4 months ago we packed up all of our stuff and flew 8,000 miles to our new home.  They say time flies and sometimes that is true.  Like when my mom was visiting, 2 weeks flew by.  I remember shortly after we arrived here and John made a  comment about how long we had been here, he made it sound like we had been here for months, it hadn't even been 3 weeks yet. Those first few weeks and month dragged along. But now we are in a steady routine and we know our way around.  We have done a lot of fun things and seen a lot of beautiful places since moving here.

Four months ago I was nervous about how we would make this work, would we be happy without our family and friends close by.....we ARE making it.  We have adjusted nicely to our new life.  We miss the boys a lot.  We miss our families a lot.  But we are enjoying our adventure.  It's not easy everyday, but it's not hard everyday either.  I have realized that together we can do anything. We are blessed.  

I have been worried about our trip to the States. Not about the travel, we are experienced with that, we do it a lot.  We know our "jobs" and both do them well.  The Tiny American just goes with the flow.  The jet lag will be awful.  It's bad for John and I but for Tiny is just terrible, his little body is so confused.  But that isn't what has been worrying me either, it's the not knowing anymore where we fit there. The planner in me, the one that likes consistency, wants to know what it will feel like to not feel at home in my own house.  Someone else lives in our house in Texas, our things are boxed up.  KPT always feels like home and we will use that as our base for this visit.  We will be super busy while we are in the States and running around trying to see everyone.  John has lots of meetings and will be traveling around. We have a graduation and a wedding while we are there. But where is our home? Are we going home or are we going on vacation and this is our home? The conclusion i have  come to is that our "home" isn't a place. It's cliche, but home is where the heart is....My home is where John and Zane are.  My home is where Taylor and Tucker are.  Home is being with the ones you love, your safe place to fall.  I live in several places.  For the next month I will sleep in different beds.  But if we are together we are home no matter where we are sleeping. I am so happy that my home is filled with love, patience and trust and of course  LOTS of adventure.

Please pray for us as we start our trip in the next few days.

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip. And, I completely agree, home is people, not a single place x